Apr 21 -

Market Research……Rei Kawakubo and Simone Rocha at ‘Dover Street Market’ ……..the home to some of the most inspiring designs in current fashion……I always love visiting this amazing store when I get chance….full of innovation not only reflected through the clothing and accessories but the store layout itself…..6 floors to indulge in…x

The collection I am creating for my final major project is luxe womenswear using cashmere. virgin wools, melton wool, leather, pvc along with other luxurious fabrics. The style and cut is very much tailored with the emphasis on a high quality finish. Beautiful both inside and out……

Dover Street Market would be the perfect retail outlet for my collection…….a girl can dream hey!!! x

welcome to my fashion blog....join me on my journey through my final year as a BA HONS Fashion & Textiles student at The Colchester School of Art. I love being creative.....it's my life....everything I do, see, listen to and experience has an impact on my world in some way. I invite you into my material world and hope that you may feel inspired by something I share with you......x